Congratulations on investing in your business.

A balloon menu, or balloon pricing guide, is a powerful tool in several ways:

  • It saves you time by easily communicating designs and prices to your customer
  • You can show the menu via your website, email or paper menu
  • You can easily sell upgrades with price differentials
  • It can introduce the client to different options they may not be aware of and with a little computer savviness on your part, you can easily change all the colors in the menu to suit the client’s color scheme (we even have a training about that)
  • The downloads that you will receive are:
    png file
    jpg file
    Photoshop file
    SVG file (per request, for no extra fee)

Step 1: Select a layout –

Style A – Portrait orientation with Vertical Boxes

Style B – Portrait orientation with Horizontal Boxes

Style D – Landscape with vertical boxes

Step 2: Select up to 25 clip art designs and include prices if desired.





Box 1:

Arch202 $xx
Arch209 $xx
Arch105 $xx

Box 2:

Baby 070 $xx
Baby 026 $xx

Box 3:

Centerpiece094 $xx
Centerpiece085 $xx
Centerpiece091 $xx
Centerpiece092 $xx

And so on, until you have selected up to 25 clip art designs.


Step 3: Select colors



Color 1: Pantone XXX


RGB xxx,xxx,xxx

OR Balloon Color (Brand and name, Qualatex Robin’s Egg)

Color 2: Pantone XXX

Color 3: Pantone XXX

OR, ask us to match your logo colors.


Color 1 is primary

Color 2 is secondary

Color 3 is tertiary

Do you want us to use white to maximize visual appeal or you menu? Y/N

Step 4: Provide us your business information and email us your logo to

Company Name:

Company Tagline:

Phone number:



Service Area:

Text for standard information in the footer. For example, “Prices do not include tax or delivery, and are subject to change without notice.”

If you leave a field blank, it will not be incorporated into your balloon menu.
Email your logo to: and reference your name and company name in the Subject Field.

Step 5: Wait a week for the proof and review carefully.